Wooden Mirrors

Recorded live in the studio August 2017 in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.

Cristiano Bocci: Engineering & mixing.

Photographs by Cristiano Bocci
Download at http://www.plustimbre.com/releases/0862019.html
Two live-in-the-studio duets for double basses and for double bass and interactive electronics.

  Wooden Mirrors is a set of two pieces for double bass duet and double bass and interactive electronics by American double bassist Daniel Barbiero and Italian double bassist/sound artist Cristiano Bocci. The double bass duet Wooden Mirrors is a fully improvised piece informed by a strong sense of counterpoint; the interaction of the two independent yet interdependent lines weaves a series of spontaneous melodies and countermelodies and emergent harmonies. From a Concourse, for double bass and live interactive electronics is a timbral work in which a series of gestures performed on the double bass provides the basis for the real-time electronic transformation and manipulation of the acoustic instrument’s sonic properties.

  Wooden Mirrors documents the first in-person meeting between Bocci and Barbiero. They had previously collaborated on the two albums Nostos (2015, Acustronica) and Non-Places (2017, Acustronica) via transatlantic file sharing. August, 2017 found Bocci stopping by Silver Spring during a brief visit to the US; it was only natural to put together a studio session. Musical chemistry, strong at a distance, proved to be just as strong in person. As you can hear in the resulting recordings. Both tracks are unaltered live performances: what you hear is what they played.