Sétamùr - Remix Eye Movement

"A delightful descent into the imaginative stirrings of the mind" The Voice Magazine Remix project of the internationally acclaimed album Rapid Eye Movement, selected as one of the top 40 albums of 2012 by Arsenale54. For the occasion Rapid Eye Movement is now in free digital download, while the Physical Deluxe Edition, that contains personalized copy of the CD, a bonus track, a different exclusive watercolor for every copy and other synaesthetic gifts, is still available for purchase. artists who partecipated with the remixes (in order of appearance):

Dragan Gojic

ExP B4 (Marija Ligeti Balint, Atila, Ati and Robert Balint) DNhile Francesco Baiocchi (Motherboards Project) Smiltzo Cristiano Bocci and Filippo Panichi Massimo “Nheap“ Discepoli Alex Bowlin Ana Brateljevic M.I.T.E. Cousin Silas Kristijan Simic Rudolf Schmitt and Milena Tomic Sava Marinkovic Vladimir KlonK Antonov Fax New Delhi Sergi Boal Pint Stevenson Melinda Ligeti

Produced by Melinda Ligeti

Cover art by Norman “Sétamùr” Baiocchi, remixed by Melinda Ligeti