Cristiano Bocci - “Instruments”

I first experienced Cristiano's clear thinking, infused with a healthy sense of humour, by listening to him talking about electronic music in a seminar. Complex, involved matters were simplified into their key components, like one does separating movement into vectors or sounds into harmonics: a mathematic mind at work around music making. Listening to this CD's music gave me the same feeling. A feeling of probing into music itself, into the different level shapes – phrasing, timbres, polyphonic weavings, in the uneasy area that brings the listener to “think” about what one “hears”. A sense of fun, from the name of the work itself, a totally “virtual” recording dedicated to what is markedly absent, and yet continuously evocated, i.e. acoustic instruments. And finally the sheer joy and pleasure of creating melodies and giving them bodies, then moving them into time and space. Research, experiment, art and fun are close cognates and do not survive without each other – this music is an excellent reminder of it.

Francesco Martinelli (Siena Jazz)

Some time ago I asked some of my friends, who are musicians, to send me some “freely” improvised recordings, i.e. without imposing either any restrictions of time, or any rules on the content and their execution, they only had to be instrumental and soloistic. These tracks were the only things that allowed me to start a creative process. I have analyzed, broken, distorted, and sometimes almost destroyed them in order to get my sound palette, in the same way as a painter gets new different chromatic tones starting only from few primary colours. This is the result of my work: a series of sound pictures, a song for each type of instrument. This is Instruments

Produced by Cristiano Bocci Work in progress realized at Small Circle Studio (Grosseto, Italy) and completed in September 2012 Mixed by Filippo Panichi and Cristiano Bocci at Small Circle Studio in October 2012 Mastering by Alessandro Guasconi at Virus Studio (Siena) Graphics by Marinella Caslini

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