Cristiano Bocci / Tobia Bondesan (Gurguburek) - Old Postcards

The idea of old postcards calls up a set of associations: Enigmatic images whose meanings have been effaced by time; unidentifiable figures whose faces and postures nevertheless arrest the eye. As with music these are forms resistant to paraphrase and thus left to speak for themselves.

So with "Old Postcards," a collection of six interactive sound environments by Gurguburek—Cristiano Bocci (live electronics, acoustic guitars, theremin) and Tobia Bondesan (tenor saxophone and wood flute). All pieces are improvised around a seed idea—a pitch or rhythmic sequence, a set of basic relationships blocked out between the voices, or recorded samples—which structure the music's development. There are no overdubs--winds and electronics respond to each other in real time.

Daniel Barbiero (Silver Spring, MD, USA)