Cristiano Bocci – Composition, Electronics

Francesco Arrighi - Piano on left channel

Mara Lepore - Piano on right channel
The piano: the perfect balance between harmony and melody. Processing a piano is always an adventure; having 24 recordings of free improvisations performed by Francesco Arrighi and Mara Lepore) is an incredible sound palette to have available. These recordings were deconstructed into individual phrases and micro fragments and then reassembled, both serially and in parallell, to follow a unifying compositional idea. At the same time the tracks were dilated and processed with filters, echoes and granulation techniques in order to create the right mix between the sound of the instrument and its electronic transformation (Cristiano Bocci).

Recorded live during ISAR-Impro Summer Artistic Residency at Pieve di Molli (Sovicille, Italy) on august 2020

Composed and mixed by Cristiano Bocci at Small Circle Studio (Ancaiano, Italy)

Mastered by Raffaele Pezzella (Sonologyst)

Unexplained Sounds Group

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